What to do when it rains?

I recently was on a Roads Scholar Tour, The Best of Costa Rica. It was a great trip with great people. The weather, however, was not great. Who knew it rained in the rainforest? And by rain, I mean deluge. I never did use the paints I carried with me everywhere. Our clothes wouldn’t dry and neither would my Journal pages. I’ve been stymied lately by a journal that looks great but is not conducive to work in.


The thirsty paper sucks ink from my pen, bleeds through to the next page, does not take paint well, and takes forever to dry. I can’t wait to be done with this book and get on to a new and more inviting one. Am I blaming the materials for my lack of energy? Or does it really make a difference to work in a different journal with pages that give ease to my writing and that take paint well? Was I seduced by the charming latch on the leather cover? Was I fooled into thinking this was the handmade paper I’ve loved working on before? Or was it just the rain in the rainforest?

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