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When I was four years old my father gave me an old set of watercolors and a broken sable brush. When I was seven, my father bought a summer house in New Hampshire. I have been looking at and sketching the same scenes, the same lake and trees and mountains, for most of my life. Art school prompted me to use my sketches as source material, and I expanded my subject matter to include many places I travel to, interiors, still life, the birds out my window.

From these sketches and drawings in my journals, I create large, panoramic, mixed media drawings in my studio. I use the largest brushes I can find and lots of water to recapture some of the loose informality of the original sketches. But because the panoramic drawings are done in the Midwest, there is a shift in color and palette from the cool blues and browns of New Hampshire, or the earth tones and clear air of Italy, to the gray and yellow and acid green of Chicago. Summer colors become muted by the drab winter hues that surround me when I work in my studio. This shift in color adds an element of memory and longing to the work.

The sketches themselves are finished pieces, a record of a particular experience of looking. Loose, done relatively quickly, they capture colors, space, light both on paper and in my mind. The activity of sketching induces me to look with a care and precision and memory that I did not have before. I sketch as a way of slowing down and savoring the experiences of my days.

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