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Have you seen the little horse? Click Here

  Sallie Wolf is a co-recipient of the 2015 Jane Yolan Midlist Author Grant.   link

  Peterís Trucks is one of the Illinois Reading Councilís picks for Birth-4 years old for 2016 Illinois Reads.   link

  Peterís Trucks is available in paperback through IntoPrint Publishing.   amazon.com    Barnes and Noble

  Become a part of the Moon Project. Download a printable form to make your own moon sighting and return it to Sallie at Calypso Moon Studio, 331 B Harrison Street, Oak Park, Illinois 60304. Follow the simple directions or make up your own. There is no wrong way to make a moon observation. All returned observations will become part of a virtual installation of moon sightings from across the world. Do it yourself moon sighting chart to print out Click Here

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