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Much of the art I do is pieced together or developed incrementally, the way my journals are pieced together day by day. Collage is a natural extension of how I like to work. Collage sharpens my eye, my sense of color and shape, my sensitivity to material itself. There is a peculiar joy in finding the beauty in what has been discarded and weathered. The gathering of the found materials is a sort of archaeology.

The process of making collage is so wide-open, the possibilities so unlimited, that I make up rules for myself, and then, once established, I set about breaking them. Collage calls for a playfulness that is not always apparent in my other art, although itís always there. Text often plays a part in collage so there is opportunity for puns and visual puns and strange associations of words and images. The materials used add to the playfulness; there can be a paradox or ambiguity in the materials used to create a particular image, (candy-wrapper Madonnas or leaden birds, for example.) Through collage I can explore human-kindís relationship to natural and manufactured or synthetic materials.

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